Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas

I was out this weekend for a birthday celebration of friend. I met a great group of people.The music was as good as one would have liked and the beverages were flowing freely.The one thing that wasn't on point were the endless fashion faux pas of the crowd around us.I know that in club life I am considered to be advance in age or even overly mature ... but don't the same rules apply.

If I have to see your gitch..

bras,panties, or those string things really shouldn't be on the outside of your clothes ,if they are then it's wrong!

If I have to worry about a flood..

the really short pants thing didn't even work for Michael so how could you possibly think it would work for you. I can't see the fashion sense in that.

If you look like you just got mugged...

I am talking about dirty, wrinkled and stained clothes , nuff said on that one

If you have to really think about you footwear

Crocs, Asian slippers or the ever popular sock with sandals at the club...


I would never consider myself to be a fashion connoisseur in the least but if something is wrong then it really is wrong! If you leave your home without looking in the mirror you basically deserve a slap.Please try to be a friend and don't let you friends go out like that, whatever the reason.

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