Monday, March 19, 2012

Canadian DJ Show 2012

 In this age of technology there are so many ways to expand what you know. I have been a dj for the better part of thirty years and I still try to learn all I can. I am not a fan of reading but I do my best to grab pertinent books. I watch endlessly for pointers and tips for specific topics. This past weekend I thought I would try something different and go to The Canadian DJ Show here in Toronto.

It was by far the best thing that I could have ever done as a Mobile Wedding Entertainer in GTA. To say that I learned "some" things would be a gross understatement. Being a mature statesman I in no way would want to ever go back to sitting in a class room and listen to endless lectures by professors. The Canadian DJ Show gave me none of that . Instead there were several informative seminars by some of the industries top professionals.

Industry Insurance, DJ Marketing , Website critiques , Expanding your markets, Interactive On a Mission  and Stepping Up Your Game were just a few seminars that I had the pleasure of attending. There were other as insightful topics being discussed. I wished I could have been able to attend them all. Integrating all that I have learned into my new Wedding DJ business will take a bit of time but in the end it can only help to improve what I do.

If there was one thing that I took away from the whole weekend it would be that the GTA Mobile DJ and Wedding DJ industry just raised the bar . With the amount of quality djs that have been developed it can only serve to increase the standard of events moving forward .