Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whats a blog anyways?

I added this blog in conjunction with the social media that I am already on basically...because all the cool kids are doing it.I looked at blogs from other businesses, djs and promoters all around and saw the various ways that they use their blogs. Some have it for self-promotion and updates on future events,others have it as a connected link to mixes but me hmmmmmm what exactly am I going to do is the question?
After extensive deliberation I have decided that my blog is going to be all these things and more. It will have listings of things I am working on podcasts and parties the are in the works but also it will be a spot for me to have that therapy that you can't have without paying some lovely person $25/hr. So be perpared to see and learn everthing tht I want to say. If you decide you don't want to then ,hey, catch you on the interweeb another time. I am not sure if I will have time to do this daily ,weeky or what but it will be done.
So in short this will be the spot where I misuse amuse and confuse

Your new word is beguile- use it in a sentence

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